July Update! Looking Presidential!

So, I have been MIA a bit for the last week and a half due to lots of work and the preparation for the performance at the White House on July 14th for First Lady Michelle Obama's last Kids… Read more

Middle Eastern Percussion Workshop Update!

The introduction to middle eastern percussion and the improvisation classes went great! We went over the techniques and the meanings given to the sounds by the Nubians and Egyptians. We also talked about how to improvise and work with a…Read more

New Gallery Posts!

The A-Dome during cherry blossom season

I have begun to add more galleries to my photography page!
I will be working a little more primarily at night which means that I will be able to have more time in the… Read more

Voy A Viajar A Bogotá! I'm Traveling To Bogotá!

The Central Andes in Santander

                                              Vamos a ir a las montañas
[Let's go to the mountains!]

        Usually I say "let's go to the beach" but being a Tampa bay, FL resident, I only seem to get to the…

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It Might As Well Be Spring!

Cherry blossom festival at Kudanshita outside of the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan

                                              Well, it finally happened! It's finally spring in Florida! Sadly for sakura lovers though, no, cherry blossoms (sakura) still can not survive here. We had such a… Read more

Upcoming Percussion Masterclasses

Middle Eastern Percussion Workshops!

                                                                              Playing with Madrin'ha at the Amar Ala Masr show 2011
I will be teaching some workshops on Arabic percussion connected to classical and folkloric belly dance and I will also be offering a class to…Read more

Update: The Element - Tao Concert

The concert at the Unity Church went great and the sound was incredible! The room is in the shape of an octagon with a beautifully crafted raised wooden ceiling and a small dome in the center. I got to use…Read more

¡Traveling back to Bogotá, Colombia!

Estoy viajando de regreso a Bogotá!

So, I'm heading back to Bogota and it's surrounding municipalities of Gachancipá & Tocancipá again on New Year's Eve and I can't wait! I'll be there until January 14th so I will get…Read more

Missing Tokyo Life

I was looking through some photos last night and rating them to get my travel photo editing moving along (finally haha!). Getting into my Japan photos, I realized how much I miss living in Tokyo. I miss the weeknights hanging…

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Masterclass On The History of Jazz Drumming

Playing at the 2015 Clearwater Jazz Holiday   Photo by: Joe Sale @ www.TampaimageFactory.com


I had a great time last week presenting a masterclass on the history of Jazz drumming and it's connections to blues over at Academy on The lakes…Read more

Discs, Wax and Bits!

Searching for me on recordings? Look no further!
You can find me on the album "Liberation"- by the band Wahh World Fusion Band​. On this album I play drum set and some hand percussion. Ray (the bass player) and I…

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Music & Percussion Studies

I am taking more time to dive deeper into the music of the hand percussion lessons and studies that I started in 2007. I am mostly doing it to help keep some of the histories fresh in my mind and…Read more