Guru Purnima

To all of my DCI, BOA, FMBC, FFCC, my  music teachers and friends:

Today is the day that many of my band members from Wahh World Fusion Band celebrate Guru Purnima. Guru Purnima is an Indian and Nepalese festival dedicated to teachers and they use it to pay their respect and gratitude to their teachers.
I have many teachers in my life that I have to thank for their knowledge and leadership. Without them, I would not have had many of the great life experiences and musical performance opportunities that I have had so far.

To my aunt Elizabeth Martin, Ted Hope, Dino Riccio, William Meyers, Russell McCutcheon, Jonathan Zollo, Jack Starling, Paul Gansmer, Mark Smith, Rob Minier, Rick Adams, Mike Nedihart, Jody Dunwoody, Joe Southerd, Tom Mazzeo, Paula Williams, Diaz Clark, Eddie Capps, Eugene Fambrough, Benja Russell, Tim Church, Geddy, Mark Thurston, Kit Chatham, Christopher Hardy and Abdou Bayefall.

I will admit that at times, it is hard to keep track with who taught me which lessons or which version of ideas but never the less, I continue to pass the best of those ideas and ideals on to my current students.

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  • Laz
    Laz Jeju, Korea
    "Mind over matter." Thanks for paying it forward.

    "Mind over matter."

    Thanks for paying it forward.

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