Full Resume


Versatile, creative and innovative professional with advanced skills in rudimental percussion, drum set, world percussion, many different musical styles and the ability to translate those ideas to kids and adults in a fun and effective manner. Believes in hard work, persistence and consistency with an importance on basics and a foundation of the history but also embodies a high level of patience and understanding. Some past students have went on into the pro music world but most have went on to the business world, the medical field, engineering, other arts and some into IT. No matter where their path has led them in life, their training in the discipline of the study of music and their experiences with different performance ensembles and learning how to work with other people have helped them in many facets of their journey to where they are now. 

Technical Skills and Strengths 

Can sight read, arranger and composer for percussion, technical experience on many world percussion instruments, advanced rudimental knowledge and ability, uses Sibelius notation software, Virtual Drum Line sound pallet, can play in time with a click track, can drum and sing backup or lead vocals at the same time. 

Strengths:  Strategic Planning, Team Leading, Team Player, Detailed Oriented and a Realistic Optimist. 

Repertoire of instruments 

   Contemporary and Orchestral Percussion:   concert snare drum - fundamental marimba studies - bass drum -   cymbals - accessories 

Ethnic Percussion 

  Latin Percussion: tumbadora - timbales - bongos - cajon - güiro - maracas/maracon - guacharaca - alegre - llamador - planera - guasa´ - barril de bomba - guagua/cua´- tambora - hand accessories

  West African Percussion: djembe - sabar - ashiko - bougarabou - dunnun - kenkeni - talking drum - udu -  shekere 

   Indian Percussion:  dhol - dhaff - an understanding of konnakol counting and tihai phrasing 

   North African/Middle Eastern: tar - riq - muzhar - dahola - Egyptian tabla/darbuka - karkabous - zils -  bendir -    dayerah - mizhar

   Spanish: cajon (Flamenco) - castanets - pandereta - palmas 

   Brazilian Percussion: pandeiro - repinque - tambourim - surdo - caxia - atabaque - chocalho/rocar - rebolo - caxixi - zabumba - shekere -



Rudimental Marching Percussion: contemporary drum corps style -    (snare - quads, split                                     basses), contemporary cymbal playing, 1800’s fife drumming and interpretation, New Orleans Second Line       brass band style 

Drum Set music styles: Jazz - Rock - New Orleans 2nd line - Colombian Folk, Urban and Atlantico - Afro Cuban - West African - North African Rai -Gnawa - Chaabi, Spanish Flamenco, Turkish Art Music/fusion, Funk - Afro-Beat - Brazilian pop (mbp) and Jazz - R&B - Soul - Blues - gospel - Country - Pop - Neo Soul - Soca - Zouk - Break Beats - Drum'n'Bass - Jungle

Electronic Percussion:  Experience on Roland SPD SX - zendrum - abelton live - Apple Logic - kontact player 

Notation Software: Sibelius - Virtual Drum Line 

DAW  Studio One 5, Abelton Live

Studied With 

Christopher Hardy, Kit Chatham , Orlando Cotto, Abdel Tahour, Abdou Bayefall, Abdoulaye Sarr Ndiaye, Jessica D Albino, Jacobo Alvarez, Benja Russel, Tim Church, Mark Thurston, Eddie Capps, Diaz Clark, Joe Southard, Eugene Fambrough, Tom Mazzeo, Paul Gansmer, Jack Starling, Mark Smith, Rob Minier, Rick Adams, Mike Neidhart, Dino Riccio and William Meyers 


Performance Experience 

"Aint Too Proud: A Life And Times of The Temptations" 
As a local musician/percussionist for Florida tour stops for the off Broadway theatre show tour                      

Tampa 2023/Orlando 2022           

“Tina: The Tina Turner Musical” 
As a local musician/percussionist for Florida stops for the off Broadway theatre show tour                                                         Tampa/Orlando 2023

Dolly Parton Tribute by William Claire Entertainment                    March 2023

Divas 3 by William Claire Entertainment                                       March 2023

Kafkasso As a drummer/percussionist in a band fusing Flamenco, and Turkish                                                       melodies together in one completely captivating audial experience.             Current

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buc Beat Line.  Bassdrummer                                        2022 - Current    

Wahh! World Fusion Band- Indian Classical/Western funk, rock and jazz fusion  
Drummer/Percussionist  in national touring band                                 2013-Current 

Jazz Phools  New Orleans traditional jazz, zydeco  and 2nd line                                                                                        Drummer                                                                                                         2017 - Current                                                  

The Jammitors. -  A trash can rudimental trio  
sub Musician/Performer at E.P.C.O.T                                                             2012-March 2020             

Main Street Philharmonic - Marching band at Walt Disney's
Magic Kingdom  sub Percussionist/Performer                                          2018 - March 2020

Acme Jazz Garage - sub Drummer/Percussionist                                        2016 - Current

The Robin Swenson Trio 
A trio that primarily plays jazz with some old Motown and pops 
at Eddie V's Restaurant in Tampa
Sub Drummer                                                                                                     2017 - 2019 

Element - Tao - Meditational, Ambient Soundscape, world music           
 Percussionist                                                                                               2015 - 2017

Perseverance Brass Band - New Orleans second line style band                           
​Drummer                                                                                      2003-2004/2011- current

Kid Ditch's Harlem Madness  A jazz orchestra which plays 1920s/1930s jazz -                                                                  of the Cotton Club and the Harlem Renaissance.                  Drummer 2015 - Current

Madrin’ha Belly Dance school - Percussionist  for classes and shows    2011/2013-2019

Jungle Book: Alive With Magic at Disney's Animal kingdom
Also for a special performance at the White House for
First Lady Michelle Obama
drummer/percussionist                                                                    Summer  2016

The Music Box:Tampa - a percussionist with Rayzilla's Modified
Mosquito Massive     special event                                                             2016

Gloria West and The Gents Old School jazz Drummer/Percussionist   2014-2016 

Blue Muse Quartet - played 13th century Spanish Cantigas 
Percussionist                                                                                                  2012-2015     

Justin Theory - Americana Drummer/Percussionist                                2014 

 Mike Lapichino Brass Players - plays various genres for special events 
sub Drummer/Percussionist                                                               2013-2014      

Mo’Rockin -  Performed North African classics, pop and gnoua 
sub Percussionist at E.P.C.O.T playing darbuka and zendrum    2012-2014                                                                                             

Walker Smith Group -  IBC champ and 2009 Blues King of Beale Street 
Drummer/Percussionist                                                                 2012-2014                                                                    

Chris Walker Band - Florida rock, blues and soul  sub Drummer     2013   

Enrique Iglesias - performed with him at a McDonalds    
business convention for all of the world franchise owners         2012 

Timothy Bloom - 2 time Grammy winning singer/songwriter/producer 
I was Director and Percussionist in his backing band for a few special events in Florida 2012 

The Standback Band- Southern Steel, New Orleans soul and funk  
Drummer/Percussionist                                                                   2011-2012  

The Positive Solution band - Chicago blues, rock, R&B Drummer    2011-2012                                                       

John Stone and Loosed Chains - Drummer/Singer - Motown & oldies       2011 

Z Street Beat - Percussion trio performed at Clearwater Deaf 
and Hard of Hearing Festival                                                                         2011                                  

Kitchen Beat Tokyo Disney Sea - Musician/Entertainer/MC , acting,
rudimental drumming and speaking in Japanese  6 shows a day   April 06 - May 08 Oct. 08-Oct 2010  

Tokyo Groove Nights- Performed with the W.B.C. drum set summit      Fall 2010          

Funcussion 14th & 15th annual concert at S.T.B. in Tokyo - Guest Performer- for  group that  performs school outreach, at nursing homes and drum festivals  in Japan and South Korea      2009/2010                                                                  
Cool Service Tokyo Disney Sea Summer event - MC/Percussionist ( in Japanese ) for 
park wide show.                                                                             2006, 2007, 2009, 2010                                                                   

Martin & Washington Choir - Drummer/Singer in regional touring family choir                                                                                                                                                       summer  2008 

Rhythms of The World - Pre show percussion trio, main show Drummer with
60 other dancers, musicians, characters (MC in Japanese)    Jan. 05-March 05/Jan. 06-March 06 

Orlando Bridge C.F. church band - drummer                                        Oct. 05 - Jan. 06 

Ray Lasonne’s band - Drummer  for established N.Y.C. jazz singer     Sept. 05 - Dec. 05 

Jinxed Dream - Drummer/Singer original/cover pop, funk, ska, rock.           2003 - 2005 

Crunch Time - Trash can/world percussion group, performed at Universal Studios Orlando        2004                                                
Cornerstone church band -  Drummer            spring 03 - fall 04                                                                                 

Journey Fellowship church band - Drummer                                         2002 - 2005 

The Chris May trio - Drummer, performed on Carnival and Princess cruises      Dec. 02 -April 03                                                
Robert Dante - Drummer/Singer - backed R&B  singer/pianist              Jan 02 - April 02 

Red Beans & Rice -  Drummer - Jazz band                Jan. 01 -Feb 02/ Oct. 04 - Jan 06 

Daddy G and the Gangsters - Drummer - Chicago blues band           Dec. 01 - Feb. 02 

 Movers & Groovers - Drummer - Self incorporated percussion trio, performed many
business conventions, Boy Scout awards and Fl. 2000 Special Olympics    spring 2000 - May 03 

Tapestry of Nations/Tapestry of Dreams parade at E.P.C.O.T - Drummer/Performer        2000 - 2003           

The Jammitors - E.P.C.O.T. Rudimental percussion trio  performed  7 shows a day. Performed business conventions, school outreaches                                                                      April 99 - Feb. 02 

The Jammitors - Tokyo Disney - same as above but spoke in Japanese     fall 98 -April 99   

The Spirit of Atlanta drum & bugle corps - Drummer, performed shows and clinics all over the south, northeast, midwest, southwest. 8 week summer tour                             1995-1998                                                          
Shuma - Drummer, Performed inspirational jazz and world beat music around Tampa Bay at art galleries, festivals, Tampa Theater     My first gigs                                                                           1995-1997                              

The Modern Jazz Quintet - Drummer, performed at Hillsborough county school
functions and local parties. We won a few amateur band contests.          1994 -1997 

Southern Pride Percussion -  W.G.I. indoor percussion Performed in competitions 
and parades.                                                                                                      1996/1997                                                

H.C.C. - Performed with the big band, percussion ensemble while studying
music theory and  basic piano                                                                    1995/1996                                                                                                       
Suncoast Sound drum & bugle corps - Performed and competed against groups
from around the world while touring the US.  We did an Energizer Battery 
commercial that was aired in Canada.                                                    1993 - 1994                                                          

Bloomingdale H.S. - Performed with marching band, chorus,  
symphonic band and W.G.I. drum line                                             1993 -1995                                                                                                            
Light House Christian Center praise team - drummer                       1993 - 1995 

Mclane Jr. High - performed with marching and concert band              1990-1991 

Dowdell Jr. High -  learned in beginning band                                     1989                                  

Living Faith praise team - performed with church band                  1988 -1992 

Martin & Washington choir - (South Carolina)  Singer with family choir,
toured regionally and performed  at radio stations regularly, I was a singer from age 4.                                                                                                                                                                           1980 - 1985                                                     

My interests include:  Traveling, going to concerts, taking photos, language and cultural study, snowboarding, automotive technology, watching documentaries, comedy and wuxia flicks, drumming
and teaching kids and young adults and seeing them grow into mature and creative musicians 



Teaching Experience 

Private Instruction - Elementary through high school students 1995 -1997/2013 -2020

Wiregrass Ranch H.S. - Percussion consultant 
Helped them with middle eastern percussion and sounds                      2018

Banda de Marcha de Somondoco in Boyacá, Colombia                            2018

Medellin Gran Banda  in Medellin, Colombia                                              2017
percussion instructor helping prepare for international competition

 Colombianidad Festival in Tocancipá, Colombia
I taught at all the local schools and judged a competition                        2016

Dance From The Heart Belly dance Convention:
Middle Eastern Percussion Masterclasses                                                   2016

Banda Show Latinpre de Colegio Nacionalizado in Boyacá, Colombia   2016 

Colboy Band de Marcha de Colegio de Boyacá in Tunja, Colombia        2016

Escuela de Formación de Bandas Marciales in Guasca, Colombia          2016

Marching Band Fundacion Monluar in  Facatativa, Colombia                  2016

Elementary and High schools in Tocancipá & Villapinzon, Colombia   2015 late summer

TOQUEMUS music festival in Tocancipá, Colombia
 I taught clinics and master classes for a week.                                         2015 early summer

Wiregrass Ranch H.S. -  drum line/percussion instructor/arranger       2011-2015 
Finished 2nd at state marching band championships 

John Long Middle School - Percussion Instructor/Consultant            2011 -2015 

Weightman middle school- Percussion Consultant                             2014-2015 

Wesley Chapel HS - Percussion Consultant and Arranger                   2014 

Medellin Gran Banda (in Colombia) - Front ensemble technician       2014 

Bay Area Percussion Ensemble  - FFCC Silver medalist and WGI PIA  World Finalist  
Percussion Consultant                                                                       2013 

Bay Area Percussion  F.F.C.C.  - Percussion Technician, Arranger. First year group that
placed 5’th in state finals and second at WGI regional                             2011-2012                                          

Tampa Bay Thunder  drum & bugle corps  D.C.A.  - Percussion Technician  2011-2012 

Private  Teacher  -  Private drum instruction while in Tokyo.            2008 - 2009 

Teal Sound drum & bugle corps  D.C.I.  - Percussion Technician - 3’rd in open class Div III finals,
won High Percussion award in 2004, placed 5th Open Class Div II World Finalist 2005                                                               
Avalon School of Music  - Private sub Drum Instructor -             Dec 04/ Aug. 05 - Dec. 05 

Countryside H.S. band - Consultant Percussion technician - Superior  at F.B.A.   2004                                                  
Riverview  H.S. band  - Consultant Percussion Technician - Superior  at F.B.A.       2005

Kiwanis Kavaliers - (Ontario, Canada) - Percussion Technician  Quarterfinalist    2002-2003 

Tampa Bay Thunder drum corps - Percussion Technician DIV III World Finalist        2000-2001 

Percussive Arts Society clinic (central FL)- Percussion Technician, Arranger     2001                     

Cypress Creek H.S. band  - Percussion Technician - Class 4A State Champs as
well as state Grand Champion - Superior at F.B.A.                                            2000                                                                                                                   
Synergy Sound Youth Parade Band - Percussion Technician                     1996/1997 

Seminole H.S. band -  Percussion Technician Superior at F.B.A. 
BOA Southeast regional finalist and the National AA division champion
at the WGI Friendship Cup Championships                                               1995/1996 

Seminole H.S. drum line - W.G.I. - Percussion Technician, Arranger  
Miami Regional Scholastic open Champ                                                   1996                                                                                  

Robinson H.S. band  - Percussion Director, Arranger Superior rating  
at F.B.A.                                                                                                       1996                                                    

Bloomingdale H.S. band - Percussion Director, Arranger, W.G.I. Fl Miami
regional  scholastic A champs                                                                 1995-1996 


Burns Middle School  -  Taught rudiments and basic technique, helped kids
transition to H.S.                                                                                 1993 - 1996 

Clair Mel Elementary - Helped up coming 5th graders with reading   (6th grade) 

The beginning of learning basic teaching skills 1988