Welcome to my site! I am a Drummer/Percussionist, Music Educator, Arranger, Entertainer and Photographer who enjoys performing a wide variety of music from around the world. If you are looking to take drum set, rudimental drumming or hand percussion lessons,  please check here!
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Back To Bogotá 2018 

Back To Bogotá!

I am on my way back to Bogotá! Heading to the southside of the city for the first time to help Guardia Fantasma solidify the fundamental technical and musical building blocks for their percussion section. It is 54 degrees F in the airport in miami right now, this is my training for the cold weather I will encounter this time of year in Bogotá hahaha!

Stay tuned for updates...

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Playing With Kristine Jackson

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Gators Cafe, 12754 Kingfish Dr., Treasure Island, FL 33706

A traveling minstrel rooted in the blues, KJ's writing has always been gritty and organic. She accompanies herself with a home-grown guitar style that sets up both space and groove underneath her unique vocal style and range. Listeners will no doubt appreciate the skill and character of her performance, as well as the care and honesty of her songwriting.