Percussion Arranging & Writing

If you are looking for front ensemble or batterie (drum line) arrangements for outdoor band shows or indoor percussion ensembles ,look no further!
I have been involved with the marching arts activity as a performer and teacher for 25 years and over that time I have arranged for many ensembles and I have also been studying and performing music from around the world in many different types of ensembles

This is the 2015 prelims performance of Wiregrass Ranch High School Band who I have been working with for the last 5 years as a percussion technician and arranger/writer (mostly for back batterie percussion/drum set).
Under the direction of Patrick Duncan, we placed 2nd at the 2015 FMBC state finals during our first year of making state finals in Florida and in just the second year (finished 7th in the previous year) of participating in the state championships weekend.

The wind arrangement for this production of "Through The Depths of Insanity" was done my Kevin Morrison, band director of Fort Mill School District and the front ensemble arrangements was done by Justin Rojas.

This was the program's first year participating in the state championships FMBC competition in 2014 and we placed 7th in our division at prelims. The wind arrangements were done by Kevin Morrison and the front ensemble arrangements were done by Justin-Rojas-Baggett.
This is the 2013 production of "Journey".

I do offer package plans for full shows with or without rewrites, for songs or pieces including audio practice tracks, exercises directly related to what the parts require of the performers that focus on fundamental techniques and also warmups that focus on listening and balancing dynamics, learning how to lock into a groove as an ensemble, developing rhythmic motifs and using melodic phrasing which will help you to work on exactly what is needed for the music. I also offer consulting and can do clinics or camps.
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