This blog is about my music & photography life and my travel experiences. My focus with this blog is to tap into my creativity and really see where it can go by becoming better at telling the story of my travels, working towards better selecting my photos that communicate a story best and to talk about what I am working on musically. 
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Back To Bogotá 2018

Back To Bogotá!

I am on my way back to Bogotá! Heading to the southside of the city for the first time to help Guardia Fantasma solidify the fundamental technical and musical building blocks for their percussion section. It…

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Buddha at wat phofb

A Journey Through The Spirit of Bangkok

A tiny meditating Buddha statue in front of the reclining Buddha

A Journey Through The Spirit of Bangkok

It is with great pleasure that I am releasing more photos taken on my 2010 trip to

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Times square2

Last Day In NYC

Last Day In NYC

Taken from the corner of Prospect Park in Flatbush

The last day in NYC, the day in which I had originally planned to be a tourist the whole day and take lots of photos…

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The sunsetfb

New Photo Collections!


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Preparing for Frida


I am spending this afternoon getting ready for the Frida Kahlo event tomorrow at The Dali Museum, performing with Rhonda J. Nelson and The Irritable Tribe of Poets, by listening to the music of Mexican artists such as…

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Some Website Updates!

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Falling Into Drum Maintenance

I spent some quality time this weekend doing some maintenance on my vintage Ludwig drums! Since most of the mahogany used in instrument and furniture production in the US in the 60s/70 was from trees in South America, I of…

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July Update! Looking Presidential!

So, I have been MIA a bit for the last week and a half due to lots of work and the preparation for the performance at the White House on July 14th for First Lady Michelle Obama's last Kids "State Dinner"!  I…
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Middle Eastern Percussion Workshop Update!

The introduction to middle eastern percussion and the improvisation classes went great! We went over the techniques and the meanings given to the sounds by the Nubians and Egyptians. We also talked about how to improvise and work with a…Read more

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