The Season Is Upon Us

 This is my current creative writing setup for some percussion projects. 

Currently working on some drum line related works for Australia. Gotta be able to adjust lighting and change the vibe so wi-fi adjustable LED bulbs and also I can always throw on some film or animation, a documentary series like "Chef's Table" or some old school Adult Swim in the background.



With all of that being said, a digital audio recorder, a pencil and manuscript stave paper books are still a vital part of my process. 


The Little Booty Shakers pads on the snare stand for holding this midi controller just works, gotta have a keypad for faster and more efficient entry of rhythms and articulations.



With pencil and paper, you can put the idea down quickly rather than trying to put it all into Sibelius even with short cuts and your left hand on the midi controller before you forget what the complete idea was. 

Also the old Ludwig USA Free floater that I marched in the summer of 1997 for that added inspiration. Read about that here.
Old Schools still rules.




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