Music & Percussion Studies

I am taking more time to dive deeper into the music of the hand percussion lessons and studies that I started in 2007. I am mostly doing it to help keep some of the histories fresh in my mind and for those histories to become real knowledge that I can fully share and not just bits and pieces of memorized lessons. On the other side of things, I of course want to be a much better player in the near future than I am today and keeping a detailed focus on fundamentals of techniques as for sound quality and the proper "feel" for the rhythms will facilitate that.

My studies on North African/Middle Eastern percussion consist of the music of:

  • Hamza El Din, The riq playing of Mohamed Elarabi with Um Kalthoum and the Mohamed Abdel Wahab orchestra, Hassan Anwar, Khamis Henkish, Hossam Ramzy and Hisham Elarabi. 
  • Ostad Hossein Tehrani, Peyman Nasehpuor and Nagmeh Faramand.   
  • Misirli Ahmet, Levent Yildirim, Zohar Fresco, brothers Hamdi and Mehmet Akatay, Hakan Kaya
General Frame Drum/Fusion of Styles
  • Glen Velez, Layne Redmond, Yshai Afterman and David Kuckhermann

My Studies on West African percussion consist of the teachings and music of:
  • Bolokada Conde, Adama Drame, Abdoulaye Diakité, Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keïta, Doudou N'Diaye Rose, Bayefall Revolution, Latyr Sy, You Dieng and Mamadou Lo
​My studies on Latin American percussion could be talked about in 2 or 3 blogs by itself but in short, it consists of the folkloric and popular dance music from:

  •  Carlos Potato Valdes, Mongo Santamaria, Chano Pozo, Guillermo Barreto, Alberto Zayas and Eliel Lazo

  • Bezerra da Silva, Luiz Gonzaga, Nana Vasconcelos, Airto Moreira and Marcos Suzano

Puerto Rico/New York
  • Tito Puente, Ray Barreto, George Delgado, Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe

  • Mercedes Sosa and Pedro Aznar

  • Totỏ la Momposina and Fransisco Zumaqué

Hopefully I will finally make it to Cuba next year and possibly to Senegal in the winter of 2016/2017 but I feel that I should be further along in my playing of folk and dance styles (in depth), my knowledge of the histories of the music there and in speaking Spanish and French ​so that I can get more out of the trip. A full month in both countries would be perfect!

I will be sharing some videos within the next few months to show my playing progress and to talk about some of the musicians that I am learning from via books and recordings so stay tuned!