¡Traveling back to Bogotá, Colombia!

Estoy viajando de regreso a Bogotá!

So, I'm heading back to Bogota and it's surrounding municipalities of Gachancipá & Tocancipá again on New Year's Eve and I can't wait! I'll be there until January 14th so I will get to spend a little more time in the city of Bogota to check out the live music scene and I will be hanging in a few jazz clubs. I will also be heading back to Cali, (although it  will be too late for the salsa festival) and traveling to Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena along with my girlfriend and her family. I am currently working on making some connections with musicians, schools, venues & promoters in Bogota to get Wahh World Fusion Band down there and for some projects of my own within the jazz, belly dance & percussion worlds in the near future.

This will be my first time making it to the Caribbean coast in this country via a road trip through the east & west Andes and also the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains (highest in Colombia) so I know there will be many great opportunities for incredible photos. Stay on the lookout for more photos from Colombia next week!

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