Recording Session @ Clear Track Studios!

It was way early for laying down drum tracks. "How is the creative side of my brain going to function at 8AM to record some jazz?" I thought, especially after playing late the night before then staying up even later talking with friends. Well, there is just something about the process of setting up the drums that gets the brain going. Maybe kind of a ritual if you will. Checking side to side and top to bottom clearances of the stands and cymbals, adjusting the natural distance of the cymbals from the tips of my sticks being held in a relaxed position and doing quick fine tuning on the toms helping wake up my ears. There is also that magic that happens (well, usually ;) when you play with other top notch musicians that forms some sort of collective conscientiousness or force that seems to build through each practice rep and things really start locking up but not just the groove from a timing standpoint but from a phrasing standpoint. The point where you start to see in your head and sense where things will happen and they actually happen!  
What a fun morning and a great way to start the day!


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